People Belong Together

It’s what we all feel instinctively – and science backs it up. A growing body of research shows that those who live in a caring, connected environment enjoy greater health and well-being than those who are isolated or neglected. At Buena Vista, we are dedicated to creating vibrant communities where older adults realize healthier, happier, more meaningful lives – trading in loneliness for the company of neighbors, inactivity for movement and dullness for purposeful engagement. We work to foster a common sense of purpose, belonging and respect to create a warm and welcoming environment for those who call us home.

Our Staff

Our loving staff are dedicated to the well being, satisfaction, and happiness of all the residents. Buena Vista has a reputation in the community for its quality care, comfortable home-like setting and engaging social atmosphere.  Our tailored care focuses on maintaining the health and well-being of our residents, helping them to continue to be as independent as possible. Our medical team consists of health care professionals and specialists in our community who offer support and expertise in a variety of areas to provide the best comprehensive care plan possible.

Family Support

Family involvement is encouraged and welcomed whenever possible. It’s important that relationships be maintained, so families are invited to visit any time and are included in themed activities, dinners, special celebrations and, of course, family nights. As members of families ourselves, we understand the desire to be there for each other in times of need. Our team is trained to value each resident as family, recognizing their personal preferences and individual needs. We know first hand how difficult helping a loved one can be, but we’re to help make it easier by providing experienced care, loving staff and a helping hand.

Making it Feel Like Home

While many people fear growing older, we look at it as an opportunity to have more time to do the things you enjoy. Buena Vista is a community full of opportunities for you or your loved ones to live an exciting, adventurous, social and luxurious lifestyle with top-of-the-line amenities and services to accommodate our residents’ individual lifestyles.

Residents are encouraged to make their spaces as personalized as they wish. A framed gallery is on display outside each resident’s apartment which can be filled with photos and memorabilia. We encourage our residents to bring whatever decor and accessories to make their apartment as comfortable as possible. If you need assistance with making any decisions or have any questions please contact us here.